Vegetarian Barcelona – a food guide

I probably should start with saying that I have been a vegetarian for almost 15 years now, so pretty dedicated to the cause. But I am not fussy at all, so when it comes to eating I am happy with whatever veggie option there is, that’s why when I first visited Barcelona 8 years agoContinue reading “Vegetarian Barcelona – a food guide”

24 hours in Reykjavik – city guide

Our final day in Iceland we decided to spend in Reykjavik. When we left our camper van behind (it got picked up at 6pm on the 27th of June) which actually was surprisingly emotional…we had spent last 8 days in it by this point, we had an evening and a full day ahead of usContinue reading “24 hours in Reykjavik – city guide”

Visiting the Geffrye Museum in London and Christmas Past – Connecting the London Dots

One of my absolute favourite museums in London is a bit of a hidden gem, it is the Geffrye Museum. Museum dedicated to living rooms of London through the last four centuries. Walking around it, you get a feeling that you are peeking through a peephole. I have been there before a few hours back,Continue reading “Visiting the Geffrye Museum in London and Christmas Past – Connecting the London Dots”

Things to do in Arisaig, Scottish Highlands

At the beginning of November I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Scottish highlands. We did a few walks and spent an afternoon wondering around Arisaig. Sometimes I desperately need to be out in nature. Don’t take me wrong, I love London and it is nice to be coming back, but occasionallyContinue reading “Things to do in Arisaig, Scottish Highlands”

A morning in Brighton – things to do when you don’t have a lot of time

My latest work project was in Shoreham – a little suburb West of Brighton. Unfortunately due to the project being very intense and the fact that it gets dark so early now, I only had a few hours on Thursday morning to venture out to central Brighton. I’ve been there many times before but beingContinue reading “A morning in Brighton – things to do when you don’t have a lot of time”

Foxes Farm Pumpkin Patch – Connecting the London Dots

Last weekend we have finally visited Foxes Farm Pumpkin Patch, which I’ve been seeing all over Instagram lately. When I was a child my grandmother used to grow pumpkins in her garden and I remember, that every autumn we used to get at least one giant pumpkin that would last us for ages. Halloween onlyContinue reading “Foxes Farm Pumpkin Patch – Connecting the London Dots”