‘Mon-Fri living’ – Visiting Natural History Museum and St Dunstan-In-The-East in London

For the last 5 weeks I’ve been lucky enough to live ‘the dream’, something that I have been aspiring to for a very long time – a regimented working week. Actually working Monday to Friday and having weekends off. It will end in 4 weeks which makes me think a lot. Somehow, having this almost routine, done wonders to my mental state and it scares me how will I survive October and November. Apart from that I have battling with my inner critic and ‘imposter syndrome’. I know, that it’s a very common thing, that a lot of Londoners struggle with. Oh well, at least I know it’s there and I’m teaching myself how to recognise it and deal with it.

As cliche as it sounds but I have been reading and slowly implementing some of the mindfulness principles in my life. And not surprisingly at all, I do feel much better for it. Also yoga finally made its way into my life.
Will see what the autumns brings.

But for now I have been enjoying being an actual Londoner and doing London things at weekends. This one, we made our way to Natural History Musuem and V&A (not going to lie, we mainly went to the latter for a cafe and a great gift shop). NHM has a great exhibition about Whales at the moment (as a mammal not the part of UK). And it was great! After reading Moby Dick I feel weirdly attached and mesmerised by the animals.

After that we visited St Dunstane on the East, a church that got partially destroyed during WWII but never got rebuild and now it got turned into a garden. We ended up sitting there for over an hour – the atmosphere there is incredibly peaceful.


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